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Hi Beauty!

My name is Dreama-Destiny!. Yes, that is my real name and no, my parents are not hippies or on drugs when they named me *chuckles*. I am a mother of 3 wild and loving boys who always keep me on my toes. I’m sure you can imagine that our house is always chaos. I can’t imagine having it any other way, though. When I’m not chasing after the boys I enjoy date nights with my hubby, sipping wine at a local winery, reading a good book, or catching up on the newest episode of Outlander. My clients mean the world to me and I look forward to each session I have with them. I adore watching my clients faces light up when they look in the mirror for the first time. Seeing each individual gain a new sense of confidence by simply adding lashes into their lifestyle makes my heat burst with joy!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the studio!


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