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My first experience with lash extensions

The first time I experienced lash extensions for myself was soon after I got certified in lash extensions. At my training another student and I realized we lived so close to each other! We were both shocked. Here we were in the outskirts of Baltimore and two gals from St. Marys County were in the same room and had no idea until we did introductions. Anyhow, once we made this connection we decided to swap numbers and get in contact to practice on each other. We picked a day that worked for both of us and then we practiced our new found skills on each other. I will admit while I was super excited for lash extensions I was also a tad nervous! What if it really is uncomfortable? What if I feel everything? What if I hate it? Thank goodness none of those questions were actually an issue. I was relieved to find out the only “uncomfortable” part of the process is getting the lash pads and tape applied. After that I literally felt nothing. It was so nice. And my first ever lash nap was so freaking rejuvenating. I literally had no idea I had fallen asleep until I let out a tiny snore. LOL. When we were finished with my set of lashes and I saw them for the first time I instantly fell in love and knew I didn't ever want to go without lash extensions ever again. Have you experienced lash extensions, yet? Tell me about your first experience.

If you're ready to experience them for the first time yourself follow this link to reserve your appointment.

Have a Dreamy Day .

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