Making your beauty vision a dream come true.


At Dreamy Days Beauty we strive to provide you with the best experience possibly. When you walk into the studio for a lash appointment we want you to feel as a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Take off your shoes, lay on the lash bed and know you are moments away from letting out a deep breath, closing your eyes,  and embracing these next minutes to not have a care in the world. When you open your eyes again not only will you feel well rested but you will fill as you can concur the world. 

When we are working with a Bride and all her Bridesmaids, Dreamy Days Beauty, does all they can to make your beauty vision a dream come true. Staying true to your natural beauty and enhancing your best features you will glide down the aisle knowing that all through the night your makeup and hair will remain looking flawless.

About Me

Dreama-Destiny, a licensed cosmetologist, started her beauty career learning all she could. Once she passed her state boards she decided to continue her education and traveled to NYC for an in depth makeup course where she fell in love with bridal hair and makeup. Soon, she was back in Maryland and found her self working the wedding scene and helping her brides create the best bridal looks for their big day. In 2018 Dreama-Destiny, was itching for a new challenge and became certified in lash extensions where she found herself addicted to creating beautiful lashes.  Giving her clients the power to embrace their beauty while enhancing natural features brings Dreama-Destiny so much joy. Whether, it be a wedding or a relaxing lash appointment Dreama-Destiny is looking forward to the opportunity to make those beauty dreams come to life.


Fun Fact:  My siblings, My kids, and myself all have hypenated first names.

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