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Lets talk about a local business that I discovered not to long ago and now LOVE!

On a summer date day with my hubby we decided to do some local shopping at SOF (Shepherds Old Field) Market. While wandering around the shops I discovered Oil Monkees. Much to my delight i discovered all their products were homemade and NATURAL! While you wouldn’t think it would get much better than that, it does. Everything smelled so delightful. I was in the market for a new body lotion so I opted for their Cactus Flower Lotion. It is a light and floral fragrance which is perfect for me because I am sensitive to strong scents. I also decided to purchase their lip sugar scrub in pear and lip balm in strawberry lemonade. Hydrated smooth lips are always in style and you can never have too many lip balms!

Once, home I tried the lip scrub and quickly fell in love. It was gentle on my lips while still smoothing my lips. Not going to lie I did taste a bit of it and while I wouldn’t recommend eating it it still had a lovely taste. The lip balm hydrated my lips so much that I don’t leave the house without it.

It didn’t take me long to return to their shop to see what else I would love. Since fall is here I knew a candle would be perfect for the cooler weather. I selected the apple scent candle for home and another lotion I Lava You for my studio. YOU ALL let me tell you, this is one of the best candles I have ever owned. Even when its not burning their is a light aroma but, when it is burning the aroma never died off! Meaning for the full time the candle was burning my house smelled like cinnamon apple and it was glorious!

Honestly, I loved their products so much I decided to contact them directly and order in bulk! When I told them I wanted to order in bulk to share with my clients they were all game. They even customized a label just for Dreamy Days Beauty on their product. Now in my aftercare kits there is a lip scrub and a balm. Besides, what's a better accesorie to your lashes than healthy lips. I also decided their products would be a great addition to the self care holiday bundle available for purchase this Holiday season.

If you’re ready to try them out you can purchase a “Peace” Spa Gift Box here

Or you can visit their shop in the SOF Market and purchase ALL their products.

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